A unique network of outstanding artisans and designers

We have selected our own « living Treasures » ! All our partners have participated in large-scale institutional restoration projects or been involved in high-end international realisations.

— Charlotte co-founder Artifact —

A rigourous selection policy

The richness of our offer lies in our capacity to select the best-in-class artisans, new craftsmen and designers, thus leading the way on providing architects, interior designers and private clients with unparalleled access to ultra luxury craftsmanship.

Each firm works independently on various projects and collaborates with the network to ensure an outstanding outcome for all our projects

Thanks to their long training and solid experience, our partners have proved their skills through collaboration on many large official restoration projects and major largescale realizations.

They are seen as Living Treasures and are recognised as such, with the highest quality labels and awards.



Delivering excellence

Among 7000 « artisans d’art » in France, 1000 are dedicating their art to interior design and decoration. ARTIFACT has identified 400 of them as being the most talented ones. Most of them are rewarded with the highest quality labels : EPV, Grands Ateliers de France and Maitre d’Art.

The EPV label : a state label

The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company, or EPV) state label is a mark of recognition of the French State, put in place to reward French firms for the excellence of their traditional and industrial skills.

The EPV label may be awarded "to any undertaking that has economic heritage, consisting in particular of rare, renowned or ancestral skills which draw on a mastery of traditional or technically advanced techniques ».

The procedure for awarding the EPV label is carried out by experts. The evaluation and interpretation of the award criteria are entrusted to an independent national commission, the Commission Nationale des Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant, composed of professionals who work to promote practices guaranteeing excellence within their own field of activity.

Grands ateliers de France : the passion of artisanship

Founded in 1993 the association of the Grands Ateliers de France brings together artisans who share the same attention to quality and a true passion for art objects. Restorers and craftsmen perpetuate their art over several generations, working with wood, leather, glass, textiles, metal, stone and rare materials.
The association encompasses 44 highly-reputed workshops that represent a multitude of handcrafts. To maintain excellent quality, the association asks the artisans themselves to make the selection. They cast their votes by secret ballot, ensuring sincere picks. The Grands Ateliers de France encourages its members to draw upon their mutual esteem so that they may continue to perfect their artistry and craftsmanship.

Maître d’art

A Master Artist is a professional par excellence that masters exceptional techniques and know-how. He is recognised by his peers for his experience, his expertise and his educational competences. He must be capable of passing on his knowledge and his tricks-of-the-trade to a student so as to perpetuate them.
The creation of the official title of master artist was inspired by the 'Living national treasures' of Japan; by their example, the Master Artists transmit their know-how of excellence. They are concerned with the evolution of their trades, and show innovation. Currently, France counts 89 Master Artists nominated by the minister of art and culture.

The vast majority of our partners have been rewarded by the most prestigious craftsmanship labels and titles.

Label EPV Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant
Les Maitres d'Art
Les Grands Ateliers de France
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