Artifact is about lifestyle, heritage and contemporary design, a never-ending quest for elegance, savoir-faire and prestige

Our discerning and passionnate team of experts has selected from some of the most talented French artisans, craftsmen and designers to bring you the finest collection of bespoke artful accessories and luxury furnishings.

Our goal is to help our valuable customers in creating unique interior spaces and lavish high-end environments by bringing our expertise in blending the richness of the French classical legacy style carried out from generation after generation, with the strong modernist aesthetic of new edgy and innovative designers.

Unique, rare,
one-of-a-kind creations


Combining traditional handicraft expertise and unsurpassed quality with creative design and most innovative concepts, we are proposing a selection of phenomenal bespoke products reflecting the latest trends : our mission here , is to take the measure of your ambitions and help you to build for your project a unique and prestigious identity .

Artisans are our partners, the best in their trade under the same banner


Our ambition is to bring together under the same banner the brightest artisans and designers rewarded by prestigious labels such as EPV (Living heritage) selected on their skills , their reputation and their references .
Through this strong supportive network, we can develop the highest creative luxury concepts and propose the full spectrum of French craftsmanship. Our team will invest the time to research and unearth the rare pearl among a breeding ground of more than 400 craftsmen in order to meet with the high quality requirements of our customers and provide seamlessly sophisticated interiors.

From heritage to contemporary creations, an unrivalled assortment breadth


Discover the world of Artifact and share with us the passion for creation and expertise through an unsurpassed range of savoir-faire which offers the best of French traditional heritage and skills of this inheritance with a driving urge to contemporary design, patterns,material and colors.
Our network is comprised of outstanding and fully committed craftsmen skilled in rare techniques such as ironwork, cabinet making, boiseries, plasterwork, gilding, decorative painting, bronzework, marquetry, lightings, stonework, stained glass, and many other bespoke luxury creations.
Most of our partners have proved themselves through close cooperations with leading luxury houses.

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